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Simon Open Door Charity Offer

Once again we will take part in the annual Simon Open Door event offering an hours consultation for a contribution to the charity. There are no obligations other than the charity cheque. We look forward to meeting and discussing your ideas.

Tax Status

We have been in practice for 19 years and are revenue compliant. Clients include the Donegal VEC, Departments of Education and skills, Department of Health and Children, Local Schools, Recording Engineer,  Solictors, Hairdressers, Doctors, Vets, Builders, Teachers, Councillors, Accountants, Gardaí, Pensioners, Footballers, Relations, Couples, Families and Business Men. Fees are in accordance with the RIAI scale of fees and average at 8% of project costs ex vat for a full service. 

Investing in Insulation

Retro fitting your house. This is an area of the construction industry that is becoming very important. In Ireland we spend 2.5 billion euros a year heating and cooling our buildings. If we insulated our houses better we could spend the money on other projects or invest it in schools and hospitals. Retrofitting means to reinsulate and consider all aspects of heating and cooling. Simple retro fitting could mean wrapping your house in insulation and replastering. The roof space will get another layer or two of insulation. The goverment give grants for this work and it is worth investigation. Ask your local architect to give you some advice. Be warm, earth friendly and economic.


4 St. Columba’s Terrace, The High Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland Ph. 00353 74 9128344

Drawings and photographs by  Martin McGrath, Oleg Eremine, Jedrzej Niezgoda and David Wylde.

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