Aug 19 2009


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The Site 


Our world, our site,

is incomplete for our life.




Our natural landscapes resist our existence.

 To survive we must build walls.




When we build we complete Nature.


One may choose to accept or reject this as the truth.




Borrowed Space


When we build on a site we

borrow a piece of natural space.




The natural space is vertically orientated and we change it into a horizontal space.

In this horizontal personal space borrowed from the great space of nature we live, work and die against the walls.





The space and stones return to the earth.





Limitless Space


The Earth, is unlimited. We  set limits in the unlimited.





Thinkers call it defensible space and children in particular are happier and develop more securely when they have limits.





A horizon needs a ship just as land needs limits and hills need houses.


We begin to feel. 







The Earth is formless. 

We can  see only one surface and it is not possible to perceive its form.



When we cut or quarry the earth we shape and give it form to see.

Architecture is about commodity and delight. Our ability to perceive form requires that we exercise care when creating our forms to enjoy.




It is as though we must give back considered form that is easy on the landscape and good for the mind.


We start to see.






The Earth is immeasurable. How many blades of grass and grains of sand?




No two branches, flowers or rocks are the same size. We break down infinite quantity in our minds. We have units or measures. We learn to count.





 We group and sort, tiny, very small, small, medium, large, extra large, huge. Children do it with shells and stones, sweets and flowers. Continuous quantity is workable.

 We understand.



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