Aug 18 2009


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 The Dream


This website is an attempt to realise a youthful dream. The dream, to make the world more peaceful.




The dream lead to a belief that if a man could be at peace in his home, as a direct result of the physical building, he would be less inclined to get up in the morning to go to war.




The privilege of a good education suggested, it might just be possible to translate a dream for all of alls benefit.

Architecture, should lead to a happy place. JG’09



 Search & Discovery



We went in search of a house or building that might deliver quiet calm.




Many beautiful building were found. Beautiful buildings by Schindler & Eames, Corbusier and Rietveld.

However, and more importantly, we discovered a method of building that has a calming influence.




The method is a system incorporating a measure series that mediates between our inner and outer worlds.






The Abbey 

In the walls of the Abbey at Vaals we found a treatise for Architecture like none since those built, or written by the Greeks, Vitruvius, Palladio or Corbusier.  




 The clarity experienced in the abbey at Vaals was explained away as a direct result of the measures used to mark out the walls and courts and gardens.  




 Dom. Hans van der Laan, the architect and monk said that to understand his theory on how and why to build we must try to be like children in our minds.

The space emerges from the centre of the mass of the walls. The solids and voids are governed by the plastic number, a series of measures distilled from nature

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